Our History

Our History

Our company has grown in the country village Kyperounta, which is located in the District of Limassol and in the heart of the Pitsilia Area. The Pitsilia Area is famous for its superior climate and traditional deli meats, therefore we know the secrets about the production of the most popular delicacies of our country better than anyone.

We hence decided to begin our own traditional deli production, aiming to offer consumers traditional and quality deli meats, based on the recipes and secrets of our ancestors.

Let’s go through the progression of our company chronologically:


Our traditional deli meats production operates for the first time in Kyperounta. The factory qualifies for all the necessary certifications for operation and is equipped with latest technology machines according to European standards.

Our personnel is made up of local residents and the ingredients we use come from local producers.


The biggest supermarket chains and restaurants trust our company, giving the opportunity to Cypriot consumers to get to know our products and welcome them to their dining tables.


We begin to win the preference of consumers abroad, initiating exports of our products to European countries.

In this way, as worthy ambassadors of Cypriot traditional deli meats, we contribute to the popularisation of Cypriot products in foreign markets.

Recent Years

We establish ourselves as a favourite for Cypriot consumers and continue to be an authentic choice of traditional Cypriot deli meats.